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4 Indicators of a Great Neighborhood Location

Looking for a new condo? Concerned about maintaining a healthy lifestyle for you and your loved ones? Here are a few factors that will help you choose the right neighborhood for your condo search. 1. Parks and Recreation It’s no secret that being healthy is about...

Steps to Selling a Home

Steps to Selling a Home   Meet with a Real Estate Professional: There's no commitment required on your part for the initial meeting. It will be educational and help you identify your next steps. Establish a Price: Your agent will provide a market...

Home Buying Process

The Home Buying Process   Meet with a real estate professional: Discuss the type of home you're looking for, including style, price, and location. The Buyer's Advantage: As the home buyer, your agent's commission is paid by the seller of the home in...

How Can an Agent Help Me Buy a Condo?

Buying a condo can be an overwhelming process. From financing to negotiating to closing, there are a lot of moving pieces that can leave homebuyers bewildered.  A real estate agent can help guide you through each step of the buying process, offering sound advice along...

3 Tips to Make Financing Your Condo a Breeze

As the events of the last few years in the real estate industry show, people forget about the tremendous financial responsibility of purchasing a home at their peril. Here are a few tips for dealing with the dollar signs so that you can make your dream of buying a...

How to Prepare When You Decide to Rent

Maybe it's your first time renting or you're a seasoned vet.  Keep these four tips in mind and you will come out on top.  If you are planning on moving in the warm weather months, you will have to be patient.  That is when the majority of people move.  And, if you're...

4 Things You Should Know When You Rent

So you’ve found the right condo to rent, in the right neighborhood, at the right price. Good for you!  But the challenges of renting don’t end there. Here are a few more things to keep in mind. 1. Get Renter’s Insurance. While it might not seem like you own enough...

What do You Look for in a Luxury Condo?

Many homebuyers dream of owning a beautiful, modern, luxury condo that is decked out with all of the amenities. For those fortunate folks who are actually poised to purchase such a home, however, careful consideration is essential. That’s why I’ve laid out the...

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